Curacao Food…hmm


Beef stew with funchi. Photo: Melosh

When visiting a country, it is important to try the local Cuisine. That is where you really find the essence of the culture. Just by eating the food you can learn more about the history, experience who the people really are and how they interact with each other. This is no different for Curacao. The island’s food could be totally strange looking, but the essence of it is what most people in the world eats.

What is local Curacao food?

On Curacao food can be divided into two categories, soups and solid food. Of course there is a wide variety of  meals that fall into each category, but we will focus on just a few.

Curacao Soups


Guimbo (okra soup)

On this island soups are not eaten as appetizer, they are the meal. There are two kinds of soup that most Curacaoans will mention when talking about local dishes: Kadushi and Guiambo. Both can be considered local delicacies.

Kadushi is a cactus soup made out of parts of the Kadushi cactus (Video on Kadushi peeling). The Kadushi soup is green in color and is a bit slimy substance. It can be compared to eating a spinach soup. Guiambo on the other had is an okra soup. To make it, the okra is first cleaned, than boiled and at the end seafood, salty meat is added to it.

Both the Kadushi and the Guiambo are served with Funchi. A type of polenta made out of cornmeal.

Curacao solid food

When it comes to solid food the island is very popular for its stews. Papaya, Green Beans, Bur Cucumber are Cabbage all things that are commonly eaten as stew on the island. They are cooked with potato, salt meat and beef. Stews are usually served with either rice or funchi.

Aside from the stews Curacaoans eat a lot of chicken, beef and goat meat. These are all made in an creole style. Meaning that it will have a lot of sauce.

Local food places in Curacao

Plasa Bieu in Punda. It is set up like a food court with different food vendors. Photo: lulala13

Plasa Bieu in Punda. It is set up like a food court with different food vendors. Photo: lulala13

If you are visiting Curacao you have to try some of the food. Restaurants in Curacao that serve local dishes are limited. I recommend three restaurants: Komedor Kriyoyo, Plasa Bieu and Jaanchies. Komedor Kriyoyo has the best food, Plasa Bieu is the most accessible and Jaanchies is the most tourist friendly. At all three you can find an extensive menu of good Kuminda Kriyoyo.